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New paper from the Priority Programme

Thursday, 20. January 2011

By: Prof. Dr. Ana Claudia Zenclussen

The presence of mast cells (MCs) as well as their morphologic and numeric during the menstrual- and estrus cycle, respectively in different species have been studied in detail. Fluctuations in sexual hormone concentrations, especially in estrogen and progesterone concentrations, seem to be responsible for the increment in MC numbers during the receptive phase of the cycle.

However, the mechanisms behind the migration of MCs and their precursors, respectively from the periphery to the uterus are still unknown. Dr. Federico Jensen from the working group of Prof. Ana Zenclussen made an important contribution to the understanding of the migration mechanism.

In his paper, published in December 2010 in PLoS ONE, Dr. Federico Jensen proposes, that estradiol and progesterone modulate the migration of MCs from the periphery to the uterus and their degranulation, which may prepare the uterus for implantation.

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