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Mast cell and macrophage chemokines CXCL1/CXCL2 control the early stage of neutrophil recruitment during tissue inflammation

Wednesday, 26. June 2013

Katia De Filippo, Anne Dudeck, Mike Hasenberg, Emma Nye, Nico van Rooijen, Karin Hartmann, Matthias Gunzer, Axel Roers and Nancy Hogg

Manuscript from project group Prof. Ana Zenclussen published

Monday, 21. January 2013

Mast cells rescue implantation defects caused by c-kit deficiency

Manuscript from project group published

Tuesday, 18. October 2011

The manuscript from the project group "Protein tyrosine phosphatases" (Project leader: Prof. Dr. Andrew C. B. Cato) has recently been published.


Obiri DD, Flink N, Maier JV, Neeb A, Maddalo...

Mast cell figure on cover of Journal of Innate Immunity

Tuesday, 06. September 2011

One of the figures of the mast cell paper of Dr. Eva Medina's Infection Immunology Research Group has been selected for the cover of the Journal of Innate Immunity (3|5|11).

Journal of Innate Immunity: New research article from Dr. Eva Medina's Infection Immunology Research Group

Friday, 22. July 2011

Staphylococcus aureus Evades the Extracellular Antimicrobial Activity of Mast Cells by Promoting Its Own Uptake

Jens Abel a, Oliver Goldmann a, Christina Ziegler a, Claudia Höltje a, Mark S....

SPP project acknowledged in paper "Cellular Signalling" by Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Huber

Sunday, 01. May 2011

In the paper on "Activation of the PI3K pathway increases TLR-induced TNF-α and IL-6 but reduces IL-1β production in mast cells", the SPP project is mentioned in the acknowledgements.

Find the paper...

New paper from the Priority Programme

Thursday, 20. January 2011

By: Prof. Dr. Ana Claudia Zenclussen

The presence of mast cells (MCs) as well as their morphologic and numeric during the menstrual- and estrus cycle, respectively in different species have been studied in detail. Fluctuations in sexual...

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